Misty project

The project is an artistic experience of combining visual and music expression for the launch in 2022 of a collector vinyl "Here Again" created by the Misty band .
The serie of paintings consists in 13 paintings , one for each track of the album. It is more than an illustration: it is a search of connexion between artists and the times that flows by and comes back.

•The project is about memory , about music of the 70s , about eternal creativity without boundaries to style

« Hearing this Misty album was a real discovery for me of an original and eclectic music full of colours, powerful vibrations of the rock 70’s, jazz ambiance and romantic melodies that relates directly to my sensibility. It makes me travel between classical references, strong and saturated colours, blue background and green vitality, confrontation of beauty and ugly. This album has a richness that gives me so many opportunities to express the fragility of human sensibility with my colours and my technique ». Brigitte