I am a French-born painter, having graduated with a BA in Fine Art from the University of the Arts in London in 2001. My artistic journey has been profoundly shaped by the works of Turner, Vermeer, and Zao Wou-Ki. Their influence is evident in my pieces, which seamlessly weave elements of Expressionism and lyric abstraction.

My creative focus lies in crafting spaces that invite meditation and contemplation, offering a glimpse into the delicate nature of the human condition in front of natural elements : the sea, the desert, the wind …. Light and magic play a pivotal role in my artistic endeavors, infusing each piece with a sense of ethereal beauty.

With a passion for showcasing the intricacies of existence, my work has graced international exhibitions. Through my art, I aspire to evoke emotions, provoke thought, and ultimately, create a profound connection with viewers


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  • Exhibitions LONDON :

Noho studio ,solo show ,2022

Boomer gallery , 2022

M.a.d.s, 2022
The affordable art fair Hampstead , 2023
The Vanner Gallery,Salisbury, 2024

  • Group show FLORENCE, Museo Bellini, 2022
  • Group show ROME Leone gallery, 2022
  • International Art fair BARCELONA Hartexpo in Espacio, 2022
  • Exhibition BELGIUM, Espace Art Gallery, Brussels 2023 
  • Exhibitions PARIS

Art Fair PARIS, Carrousel du Louvre, 2022

Espace Ysmailoff PARIS , Meditative landscape, 2023
Salon d ‘Automne , Grande Halle de la Villette, PARIS January 2024 
Art capital, Palais éphémère PARIS ,Salon des artistes français February 2024

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Insta :brigitteschweitzerart